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Barry Brennan

NHL Strength Coach

KHL Assistant GM

Team Canada Consult

" I am pleased to offer my highest recommendations for Warren Lindsay. We met while I was the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets. Warren provided unparalleled insight, knowledge and advanced training methodologies to my off-season training programming. The admiration and respect he garnered from the professional athletes were immeasurable.

Throughout my extensive career I’ve had the honour to work for multiple professional sport organizations around the world and have yet to meet anyone associated with Sport Science that comes close to his level of professionalism.


I consider Warren a dear friend and consult with him on a regular basis regarding current nutrition, regeneration, training and fitness-testing protocols. His knowledge of exercise physiology and vast experience are an invaluable resource in the Sport Science profession. "

Zak Kaiser

Canadian National Champion (14x)

Canadian Champion (Junior Devo)

"Warren Lindsay at Enfort Fitness is a very skilled strength training and performance enhancement coach.

This year he helped me work on my total body strength which increased my power output and overall track speed.

I would credit Warren with a great deal of my BMX racing success this season."

Ben Lapier

Cornwall Colts

Central Canada Hockey League

"I started training at Enfort this summer and it was the best decision I made for my athletic development.

Every workout was specifically programmed to make me a better overall athlete, I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. 

Warren is great at his job but is an even better guy, he cares a lot about his athletes and only wants the best for them."

Tomislav Brennan

Owen Sound Attack

Ontario Hockey League

"Working with Warren given his intense dedication to using the most advanced techniques and thirst for cutting edge training methods helped me become stronger and more explosive in off-ice conditioning.

He accurately uses sports specific drills that promote performance enhancement and, more importantly, injury prevention. Once he sees your commitment and dedication, you’ll have fun along with results.


Enfort is more than just a gym, it’s where I found my second family."

Yahya Abdisamed

ONL-X Basketball


"Warren has helped me tremendously throughout my basketball journey this summer.


On top of gaining 20 pounds of muscle, he has gave me really valuable advice on how to battle the politics in basketball and to stay focused on one goal.

I still have a long way to go, but Enfort fitness is why I made a big leap in skill and strength this summer."