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Our Software

The right information makes for the right decisions

Our software allows for easy data collection. We see results in real-time so we can provide immediate feedback to our athletes. The live force trace shows strength in the tested muscles for the left and right side. The data is stored in our hub that allows us to track our athletes progress over time.



Hamstring Testing System

The NordBord quickly measures hamstring strength and imbalance in a range of positions. It is comfortable and easy to use so it can be used to measure fatigue pre workout, during the rehabilitation stage of an injury or to test strength levels throughout the season.


Strength Testing System

The modular frame system of the ForceFrame can be quickly and easily adjusted to test isometric strength and imbalances in 35 different positions. We use this to objectively establish a baseline of muscular strength and to quantify rehabilitation progression.


Dual Force Plate System

The ForceDecks allow us to test our athletes more dynamically, they have been designed to endure the heaviest and strongest athletes while maintaining pinpoint accuracy and reliability. We are able to test ballistic and dynamic movements that mimic real world movements to ensure proper athletic development.