Meet Our Team

Certified. Qualified. Experienced.


Warren Lindsay, BSocSc.

Founder of Enfort



Warren has spent the last 13 years of his life devoted to the fitness coaching industry. He has trained a wide range of clients, varying from professional/Olympic athletes to general population. He has trained teams and individuals, in big box gyms and in small boutique gyms. He has experience designing private gyms and running a successful private enterprise.

Warren learned the importance of training properly while playing competitive sports in his younger years and competing in weightlifting in his later years. Even though he was slowed down by serious injuries (fractured lumbar spine, ruptured achilles) he still strives to find new methodologies to better himself and apply that in his craft.

Warren enjoys the art of coaching and prides himself on constant self-improvement. He has noticed a void in the fitness industry and looks forward to bringing technology to the forefront of athletic development and injury rehabilitation. 


Nathan Blackburn, B.Sc.(H)

Owner of Kinetikos

R. Kin, CSCS

With a bachelor's degree from the University of Ottawa, Nathan has been practicing as a Registered Kinesiologist in the clinical setting for over 12 years.  Specializing in injury prevention, exercise rehab and strength & conditioning, he has assisted hundreds of people in recovering from injury, managing chronic physical conditions and achieving their physical goals.   


First, Nathan will assess your movement patterns to identify any dysfunctions or asymmetries that may be causing pain and compromising your functioning. 

From there he will prescribe an exercise program to address your specific needs and go through it with you to ensure proper performance.  Once you start to build momentum, Nathan will follow up with you to monitor your progress and adapt your program appropriately to keep you on a steady pace towards accomplishing your goals.


Nick Belisle

Strength Coach

Canfit Pro - PTS

Nicks passion for hockey lead him to discover his love for exercise and athletic training at a very young age. Early on in his own fitness journey he discovered his passion for helping others achieve their fitness and performance goals. This passion drove him to obtaining his personal training specialist certification. In his time as a performance coach Nick has had the privilege of working with various populations such as elite level football players at the University of Ottawa, youth sports teams in the Ottawa area and adult populations looking to improve health and well being. 


Nick is currently completing his BSc in Human Kinetics and looks forward to applying his education and working closely with in-house specialists in order to ensure each client has the tools they need to achieve success throughout their fitness journey.


Iain McGregor, B.Sc.(H)


R. Kin, CSCS

Iain graduated with an Honours degree in Physiotherapy from the Glasgow Caledonian University in 2014. He has gained valuable experience working in various hospitals and private practice settings. From working with post-op patients, to long term rehabilitation wards, to high-level athletes, he enjoys tailoring treatment to a variety of individual needs. Whether you're dealing with a sports injury, someone experiencing pain from activities of daily living or training, or a young-at-heart senior wanting to improve your daily function; Iain would love the opportunity to work by your side.

His approach has a strong focus on patient-centered care, with a goal of ascertaining each individual’s unique needs and personal goals. He utilizes manual therapy skills as well as functional and specific exercise prescription to improve mobility, function, alleviate pain and optimize your performance.

Having grown up in the beautiful Okanagan valley, Iain has a love of the outdoors. He is an avid athlete himself, spending winter weekends on the ski hill or hockey rink, and summer months swimming and paddle boarding. He is dedicated to staying up to date with the current scientific evidence, and is continually pursuing further educations to provide the most up-to-date care for his patients.


Valerie Callaghan

Operations Manager

Valerie's passion to work at Enfort stemmed from her love of business and fitness. Her desire for fitness is found in weight training and mobility. She began working at Enfort shortly after the launch and fell in love with the initiative, creating an operational structure for reception staff. At Enfort Valerie can be found around the gym providing an encouraging, a clean and safe environment. She always looks forward to talking with clients and uplifting them throughout their progress. Valerie is currently enrolled at Algonquin for marketing and has studied fashion in Toronto.