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Injury Rehabilitation

Test, Asses, Correct.

Guided rehabilitation exercise selection by our fitness professionals. Rehabilitation sessions will focus on overcoming the physical effects of injury, surgery and illness through improving function, mobility and quality of life. 


Program Design packages give our clients access to workout on their own with a personalized program, the program is delivered to their mobile phone via our TeamBuildr app.


Price List

Selective Functional Movement Assessment 


60-minute Kinesiology Follow-Up 


Program Design Packages

1 x Training Session ($110

& Open Gym ($89)


2 x Training Sessions ($100

& Open Gym ($79)


4 x Training Sessions ($90)

& Open Gym ($69)



Open Gym Membership 


*Unused sessions do not expire but must be used in conjunction with an open gym membership.

** All prices are subject to HST.


Our Coaches


Nathan Blackburn


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